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Ocean and Island Community Collection of PET and HDPE in Thailand

Ocean and Island Community Collection of PET and HDPE in Thailand

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This project partner specializes in the production of sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions to address the pressing issue of ocean plastic pollution. Second Life collaborates with companies to develop circular plastic supply chains. Their approach includes incentivizing the collection and transportation of ocean waste by local communities, investing in recycling initiatives for 100% circularity, and supporting activities beyond the supply chain. As the 1st Verra-certified Plastic Waste Reduction Standard project globally, Second Life not only collects and recycles plastics but also ensures transparency in its cost breakdown structure. By partnering with businesses, Second Life raises market prices to make ocean plastics collection economically viable in coastal and island communities, fostering a positive impact on the environment while contributing to sustainability goals.


Volumes entering the collection facility from informal collectors would not have been collected if not through the support of plastic credits. Without support from plastic credits, the baseline scenario is that waste would have been open dumped, open burned and left on the islands as the cost to collect from the islands is greater than the normal market price for the plastic. Further details on additionality are found in the full publicly-available Project Description Document: Verra Search Page

Annual Capacity: 1130 Metric Tons

Cleanup: Ocean Collection and River / Waterway (Ocean-Bound)

Vintage: 2023

Location: Thailand

Plastic Type: PET and HDPE

Processing Type: Collection Only

Standard Applied: Verra PWRS

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