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Incentivized Recovery & Diversion of Ocean Bound Plastics

Incentivized Recovery & Diversion of Ocean Bound Plastics

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IMPACT: This project partner specializes in aiming to collect the recyclable and non-recyclable waste and bring it under circularity through end-to-end traceability by dispatching it to government authorized and compliant end of life solutions.

Collected waste is processed at the MRF and is further sent for co processing. Project is compliant of all the globally accepted EHS standards. Support to the project will directly provide additional income, safety equipment and trainings to the fishermen and waste workers. Supporting the project will also enable us to expand the operations as well as building capacity and infrastructure.

ADDITIONALITY: Low value plastic waste is usually dumped back into the ocean by fishermen or not collected by the waste pickers and workers due to no incentives. The Ocean bound plastic waste recovery program aims at incentivizing the marginalized communities of fishermen, waste pickers and waste workers, for recovery of plastic waste from the coastal regions around Pondicherry.

Annual Capacity: 1200 Metric Tons

Cleanup: Ocean Collection, River / Waterway (Ocean-Bound), and Household

Vintage: 2024

Location: India

Plastic Type: PET, HDPE, LDPE, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, and Other/Mixed

Processing Type: Co-Processing

Standard Applied: PPRS

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