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Community Collection and PET Recycling in Mumbai

Community Collection and PET Recycling in Mumbai

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This project partner with both consumers and producers to enable a sustainable, circular economy. The company works to divert waste away from landfills and oceans through an ethical and traceable reverse supply system which includes waste collectors and aggregators. Working primarily with plastic waste recovery, alongside other recyclables like paper, metal, and glass, this project collects, cleans, segregates, processes, and converts these recovered resources into new raw materials, thereby creating virgin resources that ultimately feed back into the circular economy. This particular project diverts PET waste from landfills to recycling facilities.

Annual Capacity: 1825 Metric Tons

Cleanup: Landfill Diversion

Vintage: 2024

Location: India

Plastic Type: PET

Processing Type: Recycling

Standard Applied: PPRS

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