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Community Collection and PET Recycling in Indonesia

Community Collection and PET Recycling in Indonesia

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The sustainable development projects deployed across this partner’s supply chain strengthen the existing collection centers and develop strong relationships with their suppliers. They have yielded significant benefits for informal sector actors.

Capacity building through provision of assets for their PET sorting and baling operations as well as facility improvements such as new warehouses or electrical installations. 

Stronger professionalism through higher safety standards and access to training opportunities led by Veolia and an NGO in the field. 

Improved visibility and stronger connections within their supply chains through our mapping exercise. This has led some suppliers to mimic. Some of our programmed activities are with the lower level of their network. Branding activities that bring recognition to the collection centers, associating them with renowned local brands and enhancing their credibility locally. 

Through the provision of operational assets and infrastructural improvements, they aim to enhance the collection centers’ collection and sorting capacity as well as the quality. This partner has put in the effort such as working closely with NGOs and other organizations to improve the welfare of collectors across the informal waste collection sector. This is their commitment to a circular economy while contributing to the local community.

Annual Capacity: 6000 Metric Tons

Cleanup: Landfill Diversion

Vintage: 2024

Location: Indonesia

Plastic Type: PET

Processing Type: Recycling

Standard Applied: PPRS

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