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Community Collection and Co-processing in New Delhi

Community Collection and Co-processing in New Delhi

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This project partner is one of the pioneers of the plastic recycling industry in India, recycling plastic waste for the last 38 years to convert dumped waste accumulated in extraordinarily noxious quantities. They work laboriously to eliminate multiple 17-metre-high landfills from all over the country and convert them into energy that otherwise would have released Methane and Carbon gases, disrupted the ozone layer and contributed to global warming. This project aims to help thousands of small ragpickers, especially women, to earn a livelihood by formalizing the unregulated and disorganized waste sector.

This Project Partner is committed to eliminating global plastic pollution by building a sustainable circular economy. The Plastic Credits mechanism enables us to drive positive impact at scale. Growing demand for credits allows us to invest in expanding collection infrastructure and aggregation partnerships across new geographies, thereby increasing recycling volumes significantly. If we get more demand for plastic credits, we plan to set up even more recycling facilities employing state-of-the-art technologies.

The credits also provide stable income to informal ragpickers by formally integrating them into the plastic value chain, improving livelihoods. Overall, Plastic Credits accelerate our progress towards a closed-loop system by boosting collection, recycling capacity and social benefit.

Annual Capacity: 30000 Metric Tons

Cleanup: Landfill Diversion, River / Waterway (Ocean-Bound), and Household

Vintage: 2024

Location: India

Plastic Type: HDPE, LDPE, and Polypropylene

Processing Type: Co-Processing

Standard Applied: PPRS

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