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Collecting Ocean Bound Plastic

Collecting Ocean Bound Plastic

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This project partner is a high-impact Ocean Clean-Up Organization providing safe, stable, fair, and most importantly formal employment to the communities impacted directly and severely by plastic pollution. The mission is to remove plastic pollution from the oceans by building project partner waste management infrastructure in the most polluted areas of the world. The plastic credits serve as the support mechanism for these social and environmental projects. Project partner adopts a measure, reduce and offset philosophy to provide a holistic approach to clients, ensuring that any plastic credits supplied are of the absolute highest standard and accompanied by other internal commitments towards plastic waste elimination and reduction. 

Vietnam generates about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste each year, including more than 30 billion plastic bags, 80% of which are thrown away after one use. Vietnam ranks 4th out of 20 countries with the highest level of plastic waste pollution, with about 0.28 - 0.73 million tons/year, equivalent to 6% of the world's total plastic waste discharged into the ocean. Plastic waste causes death to many organisms, and chemical additives in plastic products can directly impact humans and animals. Without the Project's activities, plastic waste on beaches and rivers will continue to be discharged into the ocean.

Annual Capacity: 100000 Metric Tons

Cleanup: River / Waterway (Ocean-Bound) and Ocean Collection

Vintage: 2024

Location: Vietnam

Plastic Type: Other/Mixed

Processing Type: Co-Processing

Standard Applied: PPRS

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