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Co-processing in Antipolo, Rizal

Co-processing in Antipolo, Rizal

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·        This project partner is committed to addressing post-consumer plastic waste as part of its sustainability goals. The company aims to incorporate significant amounts of post-consumer plastic waste as alternative fuel and raw materials in its cement production processes, thereby reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels and raw materials. Additionally, it plans to collaborate with local communities and organizations to establish plastic waste collection and recycling programs, further enhancing its efforts to mitigate plastic pollution. Through these initiatives, this project partner aims to significantly reduce environmental impact while fostering sustainable development.

Annual Capacity: 30000 Metric Tons

Cleanup: Landfill Diversion

Vintage: 2024

Location: Philippines

Plastic Type: Other/Mixed and Multi-Layer Plastics

Processing Type: Co-Processing

Standard Applied: PPRS

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