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Ambon Plastic Recovery Center

Ambon Plastic Recovery Center

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This project partner provides an unique and holistic approach to solve waste problem in an island setup. As an island, all of the materials imported into the island will stays in the Island. Therefore, aside from making 12 collection points on Ambon Coastal Line, a best-in-class recycling facility also built to process espcially low value materials including low value plastics. The materials itself is sourced from 3 streams: 1. Community collection, waste collected by the waste picker from all over the island which is purchased with fair price. 2. Coastal Collection points, waste colleceted 200 metres from the coast line. Some of the areas are even inaccessible with truck and can only be extracted using boat. 3. River trap, waste collected through a river trap placed in 3 major rivers in Ambon.

Annual Capacity: 1200 Metric Tons

Cleanup: Ocean Collection, River / Waterway (Ocean-Bound), Landfill Diversion, and Household

Vintage: 2024

Location: Indonesia

Plastic Type: PET, HDPE, LDPE, Polypropylene, and Multi-Layer Plastics

Processing Type: Recycling

Standard Applied: PPRS

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